Open Source Geospatial Books

Services Offered




Education, Publishing

Project Length

~2 months

What is Locatepress

Locatepress is a family run, educational publishing platform focusing on GIS books on QGIS, Leaflet, pgRouting, and education. You can easily purchase e-books or physical copies through online retailers of the offered informational books

My Role

I was initially asked to create a new visual identity for the company, crafting a new logo that embodied the spirit that the brand wanted to take forth into the future. Along with this, I created new designs for all the books and upcoming releases to match the modern and minimal aesthetic that the client and I agreed on. As well as this, the website was also redesigned following similar design aspects to the previous one to allow for easy development on their current CMS platform.

Color Palette

Crisp Red

HEX: #d54e1d

RGB: 213, 78, 29

CMYK: 0, 63, 86, 16

Research and Inspiration


I took inspiration from the contour lines that cover maps, creating an emotion of height and power like the very mountains they topographically describe


The colour palette was chosen to reflect a visual style from a weather mapping technique. It creates a pleasing gradient through the range of soft colors